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Bungwe BIZ for Colleges

The All-in-One Software for Colleges & other Higher-educational Institutions

Bungwe BIZ for Colleges

The efficient way of keeping track of your Higher-educational Institution's Income and Expenses.

Setup Fees and Charges, Process Bills, keep track of Receipts and Payments, and much more...

Automate Your Higher-educational Institution's Daily Operations, Generate Insightful Reports, Make Better and Faster Decisions


Easily Keep track of Student Information: Get easy access to student particulars, their lecturers, their fields of study, schedules, address, next of kin info, disciplinary records, and any reports, anytime.

Save time on the processing of bills

Easily process semester or termly bills for all the Students at your Higher-educational institution.

Fee Tracking Made Easier: a simple and straightforward way of tracking your Students fees and charges effectively.

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